PanPastel - Lia Griffith Designer Kit - 7 Colours

PanPastel - Lia Griffith Designer Kit - 7 Colours

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Apply and blend this perfect palette of colours to add realistic depth and detail to paper flowers and other papercrafts. PanPastels were specially developed so that artists could lift, apply, and control pastel colour, just like true painting. Inspired by DIY designer Lia Griffith, this set includes seven PanPastel Artists’ Painting Pastels, plus a palette tray and three Sofft sponge bars.

Colours – Pearlescent Yellow, Light Gold, Pearlescent Red, Magenta Tint, Bt Yellow Green, Orange, Magenta

7 x 9ml Pan

Includes 3 Sofft sponges for application (round, point & wedge)

Perfect for adding colour to realistic looking paper flowers

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