Sofft Tools - Round Bar Sponge (Set of 3)

Sofft Tools - Round Bar Sponge (Set of 3)

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This listing is for a Set of 3 Sofft Round Bar Sponge Applicators.

Sofft® Art Sponges & Applicators

Sofft Art Sponges are made with semi-absorbent micropore sponge material. Each sponge has a unique shape and size, designed specifically for artists and crafters.

These sponges are used for techniques such as -
  • Applying Color
  • Blocking in Colors
  • Blending Colors & Materials
  • Manipulating Paint
  • Backgrounds & Underpainting
  • Double and triple loading colors
  • Sponging out watercolors and acrylics
  • Building up smooth layers of color

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